Science and Technology

Definition Science and technology companies include firms within a wide range of industry sectors including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, biomedical, medical device, diagnostics, biopharmaceutical processing, and data management and storage among others.

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What Makes Us Different?

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  1. Science and Technology Real Estate Specialists – We are not generalists.  Providing solutions for your science and technology real estate needs is all that we do.  Take advantage of this industry expertise.

  2. Flexibility – We are privately held and therefore have complete flexibility in the services, financing, and leasing alternatives we can provide to our clients.

  3. Alignment of Interests – We do everything possible to align BioRealty’s compensation structure with the client’s desired outcome.   We go into each engagement with a client advocate/fiduciary mindset.  We have a philosophy that we should do well when you do well - your firm’s goals are achieved.

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed - For any of BioRealty’s service offerings, if after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the services we have performed you can terminate the engagement and we will refund all fees paid to BioRealty.*

  5. * - Client reimbursements paid to reimburse BioRealty for actual costs incurred are not included. This offer also does not apply to BioRealty’s transactional offerings such as a sale-leaseback or property acquisition.


  1. Transparency (Open Book Development) – Commercial real estate development transactions are known for their opaqueness. With BioRealty that is not the case. When we develop a project for you we offer complete transparency - all project costs and fees are fully disclosed upfront and in our monthly reports. We also inform you fully of any and all risks that exist in terms of project costs, schedule, lease rate, etc. We will even provide you the right questions to ask in order to uncover hidden costs and risks and to better enable you to evaluate all the development and general contractor proposals you’ve received, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

  2. Menu Approach to Development – When we develop a project for you we fully disclose our scope of services, and you can select only those services your firm specifically needs (“Menu Approach”).

  3. Guaranteed Price and Delivery Date – BioRealty can guarantee the cost and delivery date of your development project. Whether you choose to lease or own the ability to off-lay construction cost, completion, and schedule risks onto a 3rd party can be of significant value. We provide a package of services called “No Construction Risk Development”. Under this service offering BRI will provide the client the following:
    1. BRI owns the project during construction.
    2. BRI accepts all cost, schedule, and completion risk associated with the project.
    3. .At completion BRI either continues to own the project and leases it to the client or provides the client either a fixed purchase price or an option to purchase at a price equal to the project’s cost plus a fee to BRI.


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